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Lotion Pump Manufacturer Introduces The Working Process Of Hand Sanitizer Pump Head

In daily life, hand sanitizer is often used. It is small and can provide people with clean liquid so that people can be healthy at any time. Next,Lotion Pump Manufacturer will introduce the working principle of hand sanitizer pump head.

The working principle of the hand sanitizer pump head is the same as that of the piston pump. It also uses the movement of the piston and the opening of the single-phase valve to close the air discharged from the liquid barrel to cause internal and external pressure rubbing, so that the liquid rises under the action of atmospheric pressure, from the discharge pipe There is a push-type liquid suction mechanism in the inner discharge hand sanitizer bottle, which is mainly composed of a catheter, a radial leaf ball valve, a spring yellow, a hollow plunger, a piston, a liquid outlet tube, and a barrel liquid. When the liquid is pressed down by hand, except that the pressure in the liquid in the barrel has been large, the spring is compressed and the leaf stem valve is closed.

At the same time, because the piston moves down, the liquid outlet hole on the hollow plunger is opened at this time, except for the liquid in the liquid hole from the liquid removal hole and the liquid flows out of the liquid removal pipe. When the hand is released, it will spring yellow. The recovery makes the piston move upward and the pressure in the liquid removal barrel is reduced, the liquid removal hole on the hollow plunger is closed, the leaf stem valve is opened, and the liquid enters the liquid removal barrel from the catheter through the leaf stem valve under the action of atmospheric pressure. In this way, the piston reciprocates up and down in the barrel and continuously sucks the liquid out of the bottle.