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Low Libido Treatment; Best Sexologist Clinic in Patna | Dr. Sunil Dubey

Good Health in the Shade of Nature:

In today’s time, both men and women are suffering from some common sexual diseases which affect their daily life, sexual health and mental health. Sexuality is a private matter and no one wants to express it to others except their partner. We live in nature and follow its guidelines. If we go out of nature’s control line, we have to pay the price in the form of bad health.


Anxiety disorders and hypoactive sexual desire disorders are the most common sexual problems that are easily seen in men and women. Generally this sexual disease affects people after the age of thirty-five or forty years. In this condition, the level of libido in both men and women decreases and they suffer from anxiety disorders.


Gold medalist senior sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says, anxiety disorder always impairs physical strength, hormonal imbalance, health conditions and psychological balance. More than two or three couple always comes to Dubey Clinic with the same problem of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). During their treatment and medication, this best sexologist doctor in Patna notice that mostly couple don’t have good relationship and they have trouble in maintaining the healthy routine.


Causes of HSDD:

Dr. Sunil Dubey, the first Indian sexologist honored with Bharat Gaurav Award, Gold Medal and International Ayurveda Ratna Award, says that there are many reasons for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men and women.


Based on his daily practice experience, this best sexologist doctor in Bihar says that due to relationship issues, physical issues, mental issues and health issues; both men and women fall ill in their sexual life. Understand all the issues in detail which will help in getting sexual treatment from Clinical Sexologist doctor.


Relationship Issues:

There are many reasons of relationship issues such as- Lack of proper communication, lack of intimacy, jealous nature, and lack of finances, infidelity, unfulfilled expectations, criticism, selfishness, children and emotional distress. Good partners always manage these all things properly and behave like a supportive caretaker.


If a couple faces trouble in their relationship then it is a major reason for their sexual disorder. Due to this relationship issue, they suffer from mental troubles and they get sexual hormonal imbalance.


Physical Issues:

In this case, a person work hard physically and subjects himself to excessive work, then he feel tiredness. His testosterone level goes down and his libido is no more.

Mental Issues:

In such a situation, the person becomes completely under the influence of anxiety, depression and sadness. He forgets how to be happy and live a stress free life.

Health Issues:

There are many factors that affect health and are also causes of sexual dysfunction. Overweight, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Liver Problems, Endocrine Disorder, Sleeplessness, Alcohol, Smoking, Certain Medicines, Antidepressant, and so on. Those all factors always affect libido in men and women.


What should a person do in case of decreased libido or low level of sexual desire?

First of all, people should understand that 100% real cure and medicine for any sexual problem is available only in Ayurveda. Choosing both a sexologist doctor and Ayurvedic medicine is a very important part of treating a sexual patient.


A person who is an expert in the medical science of Ayurveda and sexology and works as a clinical sexologist doctor is reliable for treating sexual patients. Dubey Clinic is India’s top-notch Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic that is located in Patna, Bihar. Both male and female sexual patients come to this clinic to get their treatment and medication.


A person who is affected by any sexual problem should always choose a good and reputed clinical sexologist doctor. On the one hand, Ayurvedic medicine and treatment is a natural medical system; On the other hand, experienced sexologist doctors help in diagnosing the problem by providing complete sexual treatment.


Make an appointment with Dubey Clinic:

In India, Dubey Clinic is the most trusted named in the profession of Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science. If you are living in Patna or Bihar then just call Dubey Clinic and make an appointment to visit the clinic. Having reached the clinic, get complete treatment under the world famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey.


If you are living out of Bihar like Ranchi, Jharkhand, Kolkata, Siliguri, Dhanbad, or any other cities then make an appointment before one day to visit the clinic or on-call consultation. Sexual patients from all over India come to Patna in Dubey Clinic. Once you rely on Ayurvedic Medication, then you will get 100% exact solution from your sexual problems.


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