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Mark Moncher The Secret of Successful ENTREPRENEUR

Mark Moncher was born a successful entrepreneur. We all come into the world in the same way namely naked, scared and ignorant. What then separates us are the choices we make during our lives. These choices can range from whether we go into further education, who we marry, the career we choose, living a healthy life and the list goes on. Making the right choices are important as ultimately these choices will determine how successful and happy we will become in life. Even when we make the wrong choice, many of us fear changing that decision as we fear taking the necessary action to make our lives better. This applies to those who have made bad career choices. Many will continue to complain that they hate their job which then impacts their home life, but most will still not take the necessary steps to change their lives for the better. Even those who are brave enough to take action and start their own business sometimes still make the wrong choices that will still lead to failure and dissatisfaction. So what separates successful entrepreneurs from amateur entrepreneurs?