Masking Tape Applicator With Double Roller

About this Textured Paper Applicator, Masking Paper Applicator

3 to 4 times faster than paper/poly method

Saves time when preparing for painting, ceiling texturing, exterior wall finishing or floor sanding

Applies painter’s tape to masking film or paper in one continuous application

Dispenser is compact and lightweight with an easy-grip handle

Ladder Hook Included


Our Painter’s Tape Applicator is your new go to tool for faster, easier prep. There’s a new way to prep with precision in one continuous strip, with an easy to hold circular grip and a felt pad that gently glides across surfaces. Plastic rollers tightly seal the tape to a variety of surfaces. Great for use on trim, baseboards, windows and door frames. And the sharp blade provides a straight, precise cut.


Takes some practice to get used to it, but even with struggling at first it was still way faster than hand masking. Cutting plastic all in one swipe without the blade protector getting in the way is the hardest part.  Many user like the modular design, can use paper, plastic different widths, and any width and kind of tape. 


With proper understanding and practice this tool is actually a breeze to use and enjoyable when you compare it to the ordinary mess of willy nilly hanging plastic with tape and scissors (assuming you can even find a sharp pair). You can tape off a kitchen in 5-minutes and have texture, paint…whatever flying in minutes thereafter. The fold-down-to-draping sheets are wonderful and with the variety of sizes, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you have enough of everything including proper length.