Mass Online:Holy Masses Live Online

This web page is created for the members of the Catholic communities who look for a web page to join the Holy Mass in the on-line.

Only here you can  the links to the Holy Masses online from different parish churches throughout the world. When you get in to the chosen page you will look at the calendar with the Catholic Holy Masses live. Please click in the selected hour when you want to take part in the Holy Mass on-line.

This portal acknowledged its versatility in a pandemic. In the comments,  me,n woman and children express  how effective is  this web site for them.

If you use our online calendar you are allowed to append the Holy Mass video to your own calendar. If you want to join the Holy Mass now get through on the link “Watch online Holy Mass”. And the broadcast website opens directly. Later you can see the Holy Mass online. This portal was created for the disabled people and for those who, due to other significant causes, cannot go to church to join the  Holy Mass; or those who, due to their place, do not have any Catholic  parishes nearby. We  believe that our page will help our brothers and sisters in faith to join the Holy Mass live online wherever they are.

This  webpage  will be very convenient  for people who speak English  but  people  speaking  other languages can  also find Holy Masses broadcast in Mandarin, Tamil or Malayalam and may other languages. No matter where you are located, our calendar will display  you a Holly Masses according to your  actual local time. The broadcasts  take place 24 hours a day and  7  days a week. We broadcast  more  Masses on holidays and on Sundays.

If you have  a moment of  free time, you are invited to  adore  our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament  during live broadcast Adoration  from different  parish churches.