Medical Plastic Injection Molding

Packson is not totally the same as other medical plastic injection molding companies. Because we are an ISO-certified medical molding provider. Packson had got the certification of ISO 13485:2018 and ISO 9001:2008. We’ve been working with healthcare and medical companies like BD, Wondfo since 2008. With over 30-40 skilled production operators working 24 hours with 3 shifts, we can handle your long-run production and help your parts get into the market quickly. As the injection molding company in China, Packson also contributes a modest effort to the customer’s projects by providing an optimized multi-cavities solution for reaching high-volume production. The comprehensive and automatic assembly line is also one of our “weapons” that help your project process well. It includes a mechanical arm part handling system, sonic welding, heat staking,laser-engraving, plastic package sealing, and custom packaging. Pacskon also has extensive experience of OEMs for medical contract manufacturing services.


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Why Choose Plastic Injection Molding in the Medical Field

With the rapid development of the medical industry, more and more medical technologies and devices are widely applied in our normal life. Since medical devices made of plastics have multi-functionality and can be mixed with material like metal to make a stronger medical product, so plastics with medical grade become the preferred material for all kinds of medical devices that are widely used in electronic parts. Here is the superiority of medical grade plastics injection molding that we can offer, include:

Produced products in high volumes

Reduced weight

Increased versatility

Lower price


The medical plastic injection molding process has the feature of cost-efficient, high-volume production runs. This kind of medical plastic injection molding helps us to make plastic medical devices requiring consistency and tight tolerances. This molding process is also widely applied in prototype development for medical devices used for laboratory testing.


Medical Grade Plastics Injection Molding

We can make sure the medical parts meet the requirements of use and safety if we select the right polymer resins, which are important to the medical device during the manufacturing process. Here are some common materials and they are widely used in medical devices:


Custom Medical Plastic Injection Molding Device

Packson cooperates with all kinds of medical industries for offering plastic & silicone rubber injection molding services to assist design and medical plastic molding making, and parts moulded. Please check below the medical markets that we serve:

Blood Testing Chips

Female external catheter

Diagnostics electronic equipments

Diagnostic kit

Disposables Injection Syringe

Surgical equipement

Tests collection plastic container

Tests collection plastic container


Medical Injection Molding Finishes

Normal Finish includes SPI B-3 to D-3. We will use this finish in a normal part without special finishing requirements.

MoldTech is a famous finishing process supplier around the world. They make range finishings like:MT11010 MoldTech – MT11020 MoldTech – MT11030 MoldTech – MT112XX MoldTech – MT114XX MoldTech – MT116XX

SPI is one of standards of finish. It includes SPI A-1 SPI A-2 SPI A-3 SPI B-1 SPI B-2 SPI B-3 SPI C-1 SPI C-2 SPI C-3 SPI D-1

The part will show the original mark without secondary finishing.