Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication

In the modern medical industry, sheet metal products are an indispensable part. Medical device sheet metal product processing is an important manufacturing process that can provide high-quality medical equipment and appliances for hospitals and medical institutions, and provide better healthcare services for patients.


The application of medical device sheet metal processing is very wide, mainly involving medical equipment, medical devices, medical appliances and other fields. Sheet metal processing technology can manufacture medical devices of various shapes and sizes, such as operating tables, surgical lamps, surgical instrument racks, etc. These devices can help doctors perform surgeries and treatments more effectively. Medical sheet metal products can also be used to manufacture medical equipment, such as stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, etc. These tools can provide a more comfortable nursing environment and help patients recover.


Medical Metal Parts Manufacturing Capabilities


The advantage of medical sheet metal product processing is its precision and reliability. As an experienced sheet metal factory in China, we follow the strict quality control system, use well trained engineers and workers, use state of the art equipment to ensure our sheet metal parts have the best precision and accuracy.


We have decades of experience in manufacturing sheet metal parts for medical industry. Because of its complexity in design and aesthetics in appearance, medical device has high requirements on factories, and almost all processes will be involved, such as laser cutting, CNC bending, precision stamping, deep drawing, welding, surface treatment, etc. We already have a deep understanding of medical devices and can meet our customers’ quality requirements.


How Yixing Technology Produce Medical Metal Parts


How to make medical device can be mainly divided into below four parts:


Part 1: Cutting Materials

Laser cutting is one of the most common cutting methods in sheet metal processing. Firstly, according to the size specifications of the finished sheet metal parts, stainless steel and other sheets are laser cut into the required dimensions for backup. This process is collectively referred to as cutting.


Part 2: Bending

Bending is the process of CNC bending the finished material according to the size specifications of the sheet metal workpiece. It will be prepared for the next step of sheet metal welding. Take patient transfer device as example, the main parts are square tubes. We use press brake or pipe bending machine to do the precise bending.


Part 3: Welding

Welding can be divided into two methods: manual welding or robot automatic welding. It is a process of welding finished materials based on the cut, bent or formed sheet metal parts. It is combining two or more types of the same or different types of sheets. Shanghai Yixing Technology can do TIG and MIG welding. Material selection and welding quality is the most important because it will influence the load bearing capacity and whether the machine can do straight line rolling. We pay attention on every detail.


Part 4: Surface Treatment

There are many surface treatment we can do such as sandblasting, anodization, polishing, powder coating, electrophoretic paint, hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating or others. For the patient transfer device, the main surface treatment is powder coating. The minimum coating thickness is more than 60um and we do 100 grid test and salt spray test to check the adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Patient transfer device is a complicated design and more process will be involved which is not listed above like riveting, threading, printing, heat treatment, assembly with motors and other plastic parts and hammock.