MedNow Labs is now offering the Saliva Covid test!

How does it work?

Instead of administering this test with a nasopharyngeal swab (nasal swab), we offer a saliva based covid testing alternative. Simply fill up the tube with 2ML of saliva using the blue funnel provided and you’re all set! 

Can you eat or drink prior to a saliva Covid test? 

No, you cannot eat or drink 60 minutes prior to administering the Saliva test. This is imperative for the accuracy of the results. 

How long do saliva covid test results take? 

Our saliva tests typically take longer to process than Nasal swab tests. You should receive results via email in 36-48 hours.   

How accurate is the saliva covid test? 

The saliva test is actually still an RT-PCR Covid test, the only difference is the specimen collection method. So, it’s still the gold standard for testing and delivers 99% accuracy. 

Find a MedNow site near you and come get your free pcr saliva test today! We look forward seeing you.