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Membrane Switch Keypad’s Feature

Membrane switch keyboard is a plane type, multi-layer combination, sealed structure, which is an assembly of electronic whole machine control system that integrates key switch, panel function mark, reading display transparent window, indicator window and circuit.


It has the following 4 characteristics:


(1) Durability


The life of the membrane switch keyboard can generally reach more than one million times because the action of the switch is only achieved by the elastic membrane in the vertical direction. Although the elastic film has undergone a million times of creeping, the creep amplitude is very small, only 0.1 ~ 0.3mm (both the switching stroke), and the rationality of the material selection is far from the film’s yield limit, so the film material Can withstand more than a million times of life without deformation. On the other hand, the contacts of the switch are vertical contacts, and the amount of wear is very small; while the screen-printed contacts can form a sufficient thickness, and a layer of conductive carbon is printed on the silver paste contacts to achieve high The purpose of wear-resistant and self-lubricating, so the life of the membrane switch keyboard is more than tens of times higher than that of the mechanical contact switch.


(2) Good sealing performance


Because the metal film switch is an integrally sealed structure, the contacts of the switch are not eroded by harmful gases and are not easily oxidized; it has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof, so it is more suitable for various harsh environments.


(3) Small size, lightweight and reliable structure


Membrane switch keyboard can be arranged and combined into a membrane keyboard in design, which has a large setting density, and it is a sealed sheet structure composed of multiple layers of membranes. The connection lines and the lead lines between all switches are disposable by screen printing Completed, the total thickness is 1 ~ 3mm, so the volume is reduced, the quality is reduced, and the reliability is improved.



(4) Rich colors and beautiful appearance


The membrane keypad manufacturer can reflect personalization in the design of color patterns according to the user’s design ideas.


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