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The medical industry has always used membrane switches or touch screens as its user interface, and Niceone-tech has customized membrane switches and man-machine interfaces for the medical industry, and also medical custom membrane keyboard switches that are antibacterial, easy to disinfect, and clean.


In the medical environment, customized medical keyboards need better resilience, but also need good antibacterial and cleaning effects. We usually recommend the use of antibacterial rubber keyboards or antibacterial membrane switches. Because the material chooses a better 3M adhesive tape, even a waterproof frame structure is needed. With the experience and innovation capabilities of our team, Niceone-tech can provide customers with medical keyboards that meet their needs and even exceed their expectations.


Membrane Switches in Medical Equipment     Membrane Switches in Medical Equipment     Membrane Switches in Medical Equipment     Membrane Switches in Medical Equipment


Need Niceone-tech To Give You Medical Keyboard And Interface Function Suggestions

1. Membrane switch can use OCA optical bonding double-sided hardened PC, which is characterized in that the membrane switch no longer produces Newton ring, and the window is more transparent.


2. Nickel-plated and gold-plated shrapnel can be used to reduce the on-resistance of the circuit. At the same time, it will gain a better sense of touch when conducting the circuit with carbon particles than silica gel.


3. The membrane switch can be added with touch screen technology.


4. Combine the latest technology LGF to the membrane switch, the membrane switch can be used in the dark.


5. The best choice of materials is a high sensitivity, strong binding force, high wear resistance, strong solvent resistance


6. EMI/ESD/RFI shielding, even though the membrane switch or silicone membrane switch of waterproof frame structure to achieve a better shielding effect


7. If you need to achieve waterproof performance above IP65, the choice of materials is on the one hand, more important is the stroke of the waterproof frame.