• $90000

Mixed Premium Plots in Bangalore at Prestige Kings County

Situated on a vast 70 acres in Rajapura, Prestige Kings County is a notable residential development in Bangalore that provides a wide variety of home alternatives. Offering a range of residential options, such as duplex and villa plots and customized options to meet the needs of the property owners, appears to be the project’s main goal.


Here are some key features highlighted in the provided information:


Location: The project is situated in Rajapura, Bangalore, offering a serene and presumably well-connected locale for residents.


Size of Plots: The project includes perfectly sized plots, providing flexibility for the development of various housing forms. This indicates that potential buyers may have the option to choose from different plot sizes based on their preferences.


Housing Forms: The development seems to cater to various housing forms, including villas, duplex homes, and customized options. This suggests a focus on offering diverse and customizable living spaces.


Project Size: The project is planned over a substantial area of 70 acres, indicating a sizable and comprehensive development.


Anticipated Launch: The information suggests that Prestige Kings County is anticipated as one of the noteworthy residential launches of 2023.