Monitor The Dark Web & Deep Web | Threat Intelligence Company – ACID Technologies

The dark web and deep webs are parts of the Internet which are not fully accessible using standard search engines, and where cybercriminals often operate. They post data on the dark web that they have stolen from medical firms, financial institutions, manufacturing companies and more, including, for example, personal health information (PIH), financial information, user account details, trade secrets, etc. This data is then sold to the highest bidder, causing potentially disastrous consequences to companies and individuals alike. The dark web also serves as an illegal marketplace where weapons and drugs are sold.


Cybercriminals are constantly making efforts to illegally access and steal information that might put your business at risk. To prevent them from doing so, dark web threat monitoring services that detect such hostile activity are crucial.


Acid Tech is a dark web monitoring company that provides round-the-clock monitoring services leveraging advanced AI algorithms. It deploys clusters of robots and crawlers and injects crawlers in the dark web and numerous other sources, to detect the first signs of an attack in planning. It then provides its client organization with all available data so that it may implement the most effective countermeasures, and continues to update it with more information, as it becomes available. This real-time, precise information enables the organization to implement the most effective countermeasures, mitigate the potential consequences of the attack or thwart it altogether.