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Monitor Your Solar PV System with Smart WiFi Energy Monitor

1. Introduction

2. Install a Wi-Fi energy meter in your solar PV system

2.1 Monitoring “From grid” and “To grid” single-phase energy meters only (WEM3080)

2.2 Monitor the inverter and grid through a three-phase energy meter (WEM3080T)

2.3 More wiring diagrams

3. IAMMETER-cloud (solar photovoltaic monitoring application)

Real-time monitoring (solar generation, feed, inverter power, input from grid, output to grid, solar PV efficiency)

Reporting: Energy Usage and Billing

Reporting: Bills and Income

Reporting: Bill & Revenue & Conservation.

4 IAMMETER – Docker

5 Integrating IAMMETER energy meters into third-party platforms

6 Reference

Please visit IAMMETER-cloud solar photovoltaic monitoring system and log in to the demo account of IAMMETER-cloud to learn about all the functions of solar photovoltaic monitoring


If you access the demo link from a computer or smartphone, it will show a different UI.


If you access the demo link from your computer, you will see the same UI as the IAMMETER portal. If you visit the demo link from your phone, you will see the same UI as the IAMMETER app. We recommend computer access so you can view more features and reports.


1. Introduction



Our solar PV monitoring solutions include,


Two-way Wi-Fi electricity meters: single-phase electricity meter ( WEM3080 ) and three-phase electricity meter ( WEM3080T ).

Solar PV monitoring system: IAMMETER-cloud or IAMMETER-docker


Two-way Wi-Fi Energy Meter


The WEM3080 (single-phase electric energy meter) and WEM3080T (three-phase electric energy meter also supports split-phase use, which means it can be used as three single-phase electric energy meters.) can be used to monitor your solar photovoltaic system. Both single-phase energy meters and three-phase energy meters are bidirectional. If the energy meter is installed on the grid side, it is possible to measure both output and input energy parameters (power consumed, power fed in, energy consumed from the grid, energy exported to the grid).


If your grid system and inverter are both single-phase, you can monitor your solar PV system with a three-phase energy meter (recommended) or two single-phase energy meters. Using one three-phase energy meter to monitor a solar PV system has such advantages over using two single-phase energy meters.


Support Net Energy Metering : This three-phase energy meter supports normal metering mode and net energy metering mode.