Mortgage For Umbrella Contractors

Secure the best contractor mortgages with My Contractor Broker. Explore buy-to-let options, expert advice on getting a mortgage as a contractor and specialized services.

About Company:-

MyContractorbroker was formed by our founder Andy McBride. Andy had worked as a management consultant on a contract basis and understood the frustrations working in this way can cause when it comes to mortgage funding. Andy started his career in contractor mortgages in 2008 and in that time has overseen 1000’s of contractor mortgage applications. Our focus today is just the same as it was on day 1, to ensure contractors, freelancers and locums are not penalised for working in an entrepreneurial way.

Our role is simple, to ensure you receive the same rates from high street lenders that a permanent member of staff would and that the application process is a smooth and pain free as possible. We work slightly differently to most brokers by conducting detailed research up front (at no cost) to ensure when you receive a recommendation, you have the peace of mind that a lender understands your particular set of circumstances.

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