Muar windmill

We offer muar kopi, muar windmill, giant curry puff, hainam toast bread, kopi Johor at Pagoh, Muar. We are proud to have this Malaysian beans with us and continue to produce good quality beans. All the mature coffee cherries will be selective pick off from the tree and will be undergo sun dried process. The dried brown coffee cherries will put into milling machine to remove the outer skin of cherries. The coffee beans will storage in protective bags lined with plastic or in small foil vacuum packs for couples of week before it is ready for roasting. The good quality coffee beans will be selected out for roasting process. our company is also a supplier of high quality coffee machines to the hotels, restaurants, cafes, convenient stores and corporate offices. We are also the partner for popular commercial coffee machines brand for Faema, La Marzocco, Mazzer, La Cimbali, Breville in Malaysia. Our company are selling a new Italian espresso machines and branded coffee grinder. A part of that, our partner in Italy were doing restore on Italian second-hand espresso machines. This was including full boilers’ de-mineralization. We are dedicated to offering the best customer service, excellent prices and fast deliveries.We spend quality time together to perfecting our offerings, because we understand it’s not always an option to buy a brand new machine, this is why we endeavor to offer the top branded machines on the world market in a recondition state with new service attached. We want every business succeed, small, medium and large in the coffee industry, we know the right machine is critical and is worth it to invest our time and money in RND to improve our capability and be more competitive among the supplier in the market. 


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