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Mywifiext | mywifiext.net | Netgear Extender Setup


Netgear Extender is a booster of your network connection that eradicates all the dead zones and fastens the connectivity. This is generally helpful in the large places where the network connection is a big problem. To start using the device for getting the network connectivity all your place, you must set it up using MywifiExt portal. 

To know the process for setting up your extender and ways to fix the midway errors, you must review the complete article. 

Introduction to Mywifiext

Mywifiext is a web address of the portal that offers an easy-to-use interface that encourages Netgear account management. Using this portal, you can set up your Netgear extender and manage it as well. It has various range of options that will help you in personalizing your extender setup and make usage more enjoyable. It is a one-stop destination for diverse functions. Some of the prominent functions that you can perform using the mywifiext platform are:

Setup your Netgear Extender – Using the Netgear installation Assistance portal, aka mywifiext, you can perform the first-time setup of your range extender. This is the most needed process to follow for making the best use of your network boosting device. 

Customize the Network Security Key – This portal offers the option to change the network security key for better protection. Since it is important to use a distinct password, you can create one from here. 

Create a Hidden Network – For protecting your network connection from getting accessed by anyone, you are suggested to create a hidden network. Doing so, you can protect your connection and make it private to you. For this, you have to disable the SSID broadcast using mywifiext.net portal. 

Modify the coverage are of your extended network –Generally, the Netgear Extender is used for covering the whole area of your home. However, you might reduce the coverage area of your network as per your preference. This will help you in saving electricity and increase network connectivity.  

Control the access to your network – For making the service more customer-centric, Netgear provides the users an option to set up the schedule for using the network connection. You can specify the time or duration when you want the user to access your network. For this, visit the login window and set the date and time for scheduling the access.

Review all the connected devices to your network – Many a time, network connection weakens because of the connectivity of a number of devices to the same wireless network. Hence, you can get the list of all the hooked devices and review them.