Nanjing University Library——Atmospheric-pressure low oxygen controlled atmosphere insecticidal service

There are about 50,000 books in the library that needs insecticidal treatment.


It is required to be environmentally friendly, zero pollution, zero residues, safe, non-toxic and harmless to book collections and the staff member.





Low-oxygen-controlled atmosphere technology is adopted in the insecticidal treatments in books.


The library decided to rent relevant equipment to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of insect treatment.




Equipment and devices

Flexible insecticidal tent, air compressor, nitrogen monitor and controller, bookshelves, oxygen scavenger, dehumidifier.




Main indicators

Oxygen concentration: 0.1%~21%


Humidity: 30%~60%RH


Volume: 29m3×2(set)


Air exchange rate: ≤0.02d-1If you are interested in this ,you can click here to visit.