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Natural Sexual Treatment: Best Sexologist in Patna | Dr. Sunil Dubey

About Sexual Dysfunction and Clinical Sexologist:

Sexuality is a natural phenomenon that is based on a person’s sexual hormones, sexual behavior, sexual orientation, and sexual function. All those factors that affect sexuality become the causes of sexual dysfunction. Mainly humans are affected by four main sexual disorders such as desire, excitement, pain and orgasm.

Today, more than 40% of the population of men and women is affected by this sexual disease. In this situation, a clinical sexologist doctor is the one taking care of sexual patients. He is expert in sexology medical science where he is expert in all those sexual functions, dysfunctions, sexual behavior, and sexual thoughts. He treats the sexual patients like a physician and solves their issues providing sexual counseling, sexual education, medication, and health-related proper guidelines.


About Sexual Dysfunctions in men:

India’s most famous and experienced clinical sexologist, Dr. Sunil Dubey, says that mainly men suffer from this sexual dysfunction in many cases. The primary sexual organ in men is the penile and it participates in sexual activities. Both men and women are affected by this sexual disease due to physical problems and psychological imbalance. Here, we are discussing the sexual problems of men, hence the following sexual dysfunctions are found in men:-

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Common Sexual Problems in men:

Erectile Dysfunction: Weak erection is the most common sexual dysfunction which is based on physical problems. Its effect falls on the penile of the person and during sexual activity his penile becomes unable to remain erect or it does not get erection. He is mentally ready but is unable to participate in this sexual intercourse due to erectile dysfunction.


Premature Ejaculation: This is a part of ejaculation disorder and in this situation; a male person does not have control on his ejaculation during the sexual activity. He ejaculates just before or after taking a part in intercourse. The duration of this ejaculation is very short in which his female partner does not get satisfaction in this sexual activity. It is the most common sexual cum psychological disorder where more than 40% men suffer from this early ejaculation sexual problem.


Low Sexual Drive: This is a part of sexual desire disorder in which the person has no interest in sexual activities. Generally, it occurs in men after the age of 50 because the level of the sexual hormone testosterone decreases at that time. Due to lower level of sexual hormone and some medical issues are the prime causes of this sexual dysfunction in men.


Male Infertility: Male infertility occurs when a man is unable to impregnate a woman during a certain period of time. This is a matter of concern for both men and women because sexual reproduction has no meaning in this case.


Common sexual problems in youth:

Dhat Syndrome:  This is the most common sexual problems among young people where more than 75% youth report this issue sooner or later. In this condition, the patient suffering from Dhat Syndrome always reports that his precious metal keeps flowing out during urination or nocturnal emission. This sexual problem is a major issue for depression, physical weakness, and restlessness.


Night Discharge: Night discharge is a spontaneous ejaculation that occurs during a man’s wet dream. This condition happens to the person during sexual dreams and he immerses himself in the dream without any sexual activity. This is a common sexual problem among youth. For a sexual patient with night discharge, this situation is repeated several times in a week.



Sexual Addiction: Any addiction is not good for mental or physical health. It is because; it becomes the part of our life. In this sexual addiction condition, a person is totally under the influence of sexual thoughts and his daily life is affected

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Treatment and Medication for Sexual Dysfunction:

Ayurveda and its whole supplements are one of the best options for the treatment and medication for any sexual disease. The world famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey has researched on various sexual dysfunctions and discovered the accurate Ayurvedic medicines for them. He is Asia’s No. 1 Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor who is honored with plenty of national and international awards in the profession of Ayurveda and Sexology medical science.

He treats all types of sexual patients at Dubey Clinic providing the complete privileges of natural medication and treatment. In his researched Ayurvedic medicines, he provides herbs, chemicals, bhasmas, and traditional remedies those are helpful to them for all the time being.


More than 100 sexual patients contact Dubey Clinic over phone to get their treatment through Ayurveda treatment. Dr. Sunil Dubey treats more than forty sexual patients every day in this clinic. Dr. Sunil Dubey is renowned not only in India but also in world for his successful treatments and effective consultations. This is the reason that sexual patients from every corner in the world contact him when they actually need of Ayurvedic medication and treatment for the sake of their healthy sexual lives.


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