NE63A6311SS – Samsung Decal Protector – Stove Shield

Model: NE63A6311SS

Brand: Samsung

Description: Stove Shield for Samsung stove NE63A6311SS

Stove Shield is designed to fit your Samsung Stove Model NE63A6311SS! Upon purchasing, we will provide you with the following contents:

  • Stove Shield (1)
  • Installation Guide (English)

Our Product

We are the original Stove Shield creators, if you’re not buying from Stove Shield it’s not the real product (Learn more about our story here)!

Stove Shield is a clear, heat-resistant, washable and durable polycarbonate built to protect your stove panel from grease, oils, harmful chemicals, spills and more. Stove Shield protects your stainless steel panel from damage, as well as protecting your stove, range, cooktop panel decals from damages. Shop now.