NovaFerrum Multivitamin with Iron and Elderberry!

💙Take care of of your body by eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, drinking water, move your body and take your NovaFerrum Multivitamin with Iron and Elderberry! and Feel AWESOME!

❤️ENERGY BOOST Just one ounce will provide a full spectrum liquid multivitamin that is Vegan Verified, Gluten-Free Certified, and includes Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and all the B’s, Folate, Methyl B, Trace Minerals & Amino Acids.

💚NO BAD STUFF: No Gluten, Sugar, Alcohol, Parabens, Synthetic Colors, Dyes or Caffeine.

💜NATURAL FRUIT EXTRACTS: Contains Natural fruit flavors and Natural fruit sweeteners.

💖ELDERBERRY plus IRON: We added 75mg of Sambucus Elderberry and 18mg of iron per dose.

👍32-ounce bottle!!