• $302000000

NQL Series High Air Pressure DTH Hammers With Foot Valve

ANBIT produces the highest quality and efficient DTH hammer and drill bits for the mining, construction and water well industries. Drilling and blasting engineers and well contractors rely on ANBIT equipment because each of our product uses superior materials and advanced processes.


Advantages of NQL Series High Air Pressure DTH Hammers:

1. Valveless air distribution.More reliable.

2. Simple design of the piston.long life span.

3. More effcient energy transfer,faster drilling speed,lower air consumption and lower oil consumption.

4. Fewer intemal parts,simple structure,long life span,less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat trated.

5. Easy to disassemble because the top sub,the drive chuck and the extemal cyinder are connected by muitiple steps thread.