One of the top neurology medical device companies in China

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The continued innovation and development in neuro interventions bring more choices and possibilities to physicians and patients. Zylox-Tonbridge, one of the professional neurovascular device companies, is devoted to developing innovative neuro-interventional medical device technologies and providing a full line of solutions for ischemic stroke (AIS), intracranial aneurysm, and other neurological disorders.


Zylox-Tonbridge is developing a full suite of neurovascular products for major neuro-vascular categories, namely ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, ICAS, carotid artery, and vascular access device. For now, we, one of the international neuro device companies, have 3 products that received CE mark, including the Clot Retriever Device, Aspiration Catheter, and Microcatheter, and have9products received NMPA approval.


Neuro Interventional Procedures

Neuro intervention procedures are the minimally invasive treatments for health conditions affecting the head, neck, brain, and spine. Rather than opening the skull or exposing the spinal column, physicians can insert a catheter through a small hole (1-2mm) in the groin or wrist. Along blood vessels, this catheter is able to reach lesions. Combined with image-guided techniques, the most advanced devices like aspiration catheters, cerebral coils etc. will be used in treatment. The neuro intervention procedure provides more benefits than conventional surgeries, including minimal patient discomfort, less bleeding, and faster recovery.


Neurovascular Therapies


Ischemic stroke – Neurosurgery instruments for the mechanical thrombectomy with outstanding recanalization rate, including clot retriever device and aspiration catheter.


Hemorrhagic Stroke – Super soft Gekko™ neurovascular embolization coils and other neuro devices for hemorrhagic stroke treatment.


Access – Neuro catheters to assist neuro medical devices deployment and position.


ICAS – Intracranial PTA balloon catheter designed for balloon dilation of the stenosis of intracranial arteries to improve intracranial perfusion.