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Opal is a stone made from silica rich-waters and sourced from Australia, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. Opal means amplification, purity, and love; the stone comes in white, red, orange, and green colors. Opals are translucent or transparent and range between 5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Opal is considered an October birthstone and can bring good fortune for October month born babies. Opal jewelry includes opal rings, opal pendants, opal earrings. Opal contains various types of healing and metaphysical properties. For example, it keeps the creative side of the wearer, boosts confidence, and absorbs all the negative energies around the wearer, so one can keep an Opal ring to get rid of negative energies. To discover more facts about Opal jewelry, explore the site of Ranajay exports.