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Paid Survey Site – Earn money by doing online surveys | Opinion Bureau

Did you know you can sign-up for online surveys to earn money? Oh, yes! If you go online and simply type something like: “Best Online Survey Site in India” you’ll be presented with a number of online poll providers in India. You can scroll through these surveys to make money, wearing your pyjamas and sitting right in your home. Opinion Bureau, too, ranks as one of the top survey sites in India where when somebody takes a poll, we reward them either with cash or kind. In a way, it is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to earn a quick buck.And you won’t be alone in doing so. For instance, we conducted a poll with 12,897 respondents, asking them whether they make money online or not. 46.47% reply with a resounding “yes” while 32.03% reveal that they do so, but only sometimes. On the other hand, 21.50% of the respondents firmly claim not to be making money online. To the respondents who replied in affirmative, we further inquired about the kind of job they had. 67.09% have part-time gigs in comparison to the 17.66% who have full-time jobs. Interestingly, 15.24% say that for them, it is a mix of both.