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Paint By Numbers – How To Apply It The Right Way

Paint by numbers or paint by name are starter kits with a board on which to paint, each room has a name and a number to be painted next to it. The kits usually come with small compartmentalised boxes in which the corresponding numbered paint colors are stored. The paints are of a loose variety so that they can be mixed and applied without getting too much mix on to the walls. Once the paint is dry, the kit comes with a tag with instructions for each room to paint by. It is a good idea to read through the kit thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the techniques and formulas before applying the paint.


Many beginners begin with painting one color and then move onto a second color, third color etc. This is fine if you only plan on painting one room at a time. However, if you have more than one child with whom you wish to paint you will find that the kit will help you create interesting, imaginative and colourful rooms quickly and easily. If you paint by numbers, it will be easier to work in large areas at once as you will have more than one brush with you apply the paint.


There are different ways to apply the paint by numbers technique. If you are painting a room with circular shapes, it is best to apply the paint in the outermost circle, then round off the outside of the shapes and continue to apply paint in the inside. This is done by putting a brush with one of the colors you have chosen to the side of the outer circle and letting the other brush do the work in the middle. With your other brush, paint in circular patterns across the inside of the circles. You should try and cover the entire panel with one color so that when you go back to it later you will have a smooth finished panel.


When you choose a kit, you will notice that the kit comes with a series of blank panels for you to paint by numbers on. You will want to do a test run before you start applying the paint so that you can get used to the tool. The test run usually involves a small area of the panel being painted one color until you are happy that the area is smooth and flat. This allows you to move onto the next panel without making any mistakes. You may find that the kit comes with rubber bands that make the painting process much smoother.


You should always paint with a single, steady brush. Make sure that the brush you use for the painting is a good one made for paint by numbers. It should be thick enough that it will not be too difficult to paint the shapes onto the panel. When using a brush that is too thin it can distort the shapes or the pattern. You should only use one brush for any painting project.


You should also experiment with the sizes of your brush to see what works best for your application. The size of your brush should allow you to paint with more precision. Painting with too small of a brush will create an uneven covering of the canvas. Applying too large a brush will give you a brushwork look rather than an elegant and detailed painting.


Experiment with different size paints for you canvas. Use different paint by numbers portrait for small areas of your pattern and then use a larger brush for the rest of the shapes. Make sure that you only apply one coat of paint at a time to keep the overall look uniform and consistent. By doing this you will avoid having a bunching up of colors that do not look like the original design.


When you have completed your painting, you should let it dry overnight. The best time to paint by numbers is in the morning. The sun will naturally dry the canvas so that the paint by numbers will look like new even days later. It is best to let your painting to dry overnight in a place where it will not be disturbed. Do not worry if it does not come out the next day as most paintings are fine after they have dried overnight. Another great tip is to let your painting sit out in the weather to get some more drying time before you are ready to hang it.