Parker Gear Pump – Gear Pump Manifold: Sport Characteristics

Parker Gear Pump   Explain : The gear pump manifold (channel block) is used to install the plug-in, control cover and other control valves. It is the main oil port and the control oil circuit body. The block can be designed by itself or entrusted to the hydraulic company to design, process and manufacture. The domestic and foreign companies can now provide integrated blocks of typical components and typical circuits, with inserts, control covers and pilot control components to form some Type hydraulic circuit for users to choose; they can be used to adjust pressure jade, unloading, holding pressure, sequence action, direction control, flow adjustment and so on.


What is the working principle of the cartridge type check valve?


When the insertion unit constitutes the insertion check valve, it is only necessary to connect the control port X and the main oil passage A or B. The working principle is: if the control oil is introduced by the A port, at this time Px≈PA, the household A>pB, the valve is closed; the evening B>pA, the valve is opened. If the control shaft is only introduced, PB≈Px, pB>pA, the valve is closed; when pBKXo +pB(Ax -AB), the valve is opened and acts as a check valve. The control oil X is introduced from B, and constitutes a one-way valve in which B-*A is cut off and A-“B is turned on.