Pay Attention to the Maintenance of Cold Roll Forming Machine in the Process of Use

During the use of the cold roll forming machine, special attention should be paid to maintenance, so as to ensure the stable operation of the machine, which will not affect the normal production, and can better ensure the service life of the equipment.


1. Maintenance of the rolls of cold roll forming machine


The roll needs to be added with anti-rust oil every ten days or so. When the cold roll forming equipment is not planned for a long time, the roll should also be brushed with anti-rust oil.


2. Maintenance of the cutter die of the cold roll forming machine


In the cutter mold, where friction occurs, lubricating oil is added every half an hour during the production process to avoid accelerated wear of the cutter. In addition, when the burrs on the incision are too large to meet the requirements, because the edge of the knife is not sharp enough, it should be treated in time. Otherwise, the blade or abrasive tool may be damaged if it is too serious.


3. Maintenance of punching die of cold roll forming machine.


The maintenance of the punching die is the same as that of the cutter die. When it is found that the die is not sharp enough, the die needs to be flat-grinded to make it sharper.


4. Maintenance of the drive mechanism of the cold roll forming machine


For the cold roll forming machine, the friction of the transmission mechanism is very serious. The transmission mechanism we are talking about refers to: chains, gears, reducers, etc. When these parts work with high intensity for a long time, the wear rate will increase. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the lubrication treatment of these parts. In terms of tooling and linking, the gear needs to be lubricated once every half an hour, the reducer should check the oil volume about ten days, and the amount added each time should be based on the actual situation, and the oil level should be maintained at the position of two-thirds.


5. Maintenance of the circuit of the cold roll forming machine


Circuit problems are more troublesome, so you should always pay more attention to its protection.