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Perfect Diary: On the Way to Becoming a New L’Oréal?

Since the perfect diary was established, Jinfeng Huang has established his ambitions in the company. In essence, we build l’Oréal in China.


Perfect Diary was established in 2016 by Jinfeng Huang, the old COO (300740: SZ) of Unifon. When launching a medium -level school with Xiaohongshu and building a stressed transport group on the Wechat Operation Platform, the perfect newspaper has been able to carry out a large amount of sales with the bestsellers. On the night of Tmall 618 2019, Perfect Diary became the best selling in the beauty category. The sales rate of sales reached 1193 %.

General description of the Chinese beauty market


Since 2018, China has tended to choose Chinese domestic beauty products. Suddenly, multiple brands, including the most famous brands, such as Perfect Diary, Flosasis and Judy Doll, have suddenly launched and extended.


According to national cosmetics instructions in China in 2019, more than 42 % of consumers will be happier to choose Chinese national cosmetics. After trying Chinese cosmetics brands for the first time, more than 60 % were eager to buy the product again. However, even if the Chinese beauty market grows rapidly, the penetration rate is still low. The main clients are 1 second and second. The average consumption of cosmetics reaches only the average consumption of the United States, Japan and Korea.