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Peridot: Gemstone of Prosperity

The exquisite peridot that glimmers with potency, is lime green in colour and has a rich history. Owing to its exquisite look and mystical qualities, peridot has been treasured and appreciated. It is unclear where the name of this appealing gem came from. Some people believe that the Arabic word for gem, faridat, is where the name peridot got its start. Some claim that the name peridot has its roots in the Greek word peridona, which means to give abundantly. Peridot has green colours and is composed of iron and magnesium in its chemical components. Depending on the type and quantity of iron present, peridot may come in a variety of green hues. This brilliant green gemstone is linked to numerous tales and old beliefs. The term “gem of the sun” refers to peridot, which the ancient Egyptians thought would protect people from the dangers of the dark if they carried it or wore it as Peridot Jewelry.