Plastic Sprayers Manufacturers-Cosmetic Pump Heads: 2 Major Categories

Cosmetic packaging materials can be divided into main container and auxiliary materials. The main container is usually a plastic bottle or a glass bottle, or a vacuum bottle, etc. For some cosmetic ingredients, it needs to be well preserved, so in the packaging seal of cosmetics It will also be different. The outlet of the cosmetic pump head is its use outlet. How to classify these pump heads?


1. Foam pump head


Foam is a pump head. It is a special pump head. It can produce high-quality foam only by pressing. It does not need to be a non-inflatable hand pressure pump head. Foam pump heads are usually found on facial cleanser or exfoliating mousse bottles. The generation of bubbles in our hearts provides us with great convenience.


2. Jet pump head


Jet pump heads are generally used for relatively simple sprays. Direct squeezing can lead to sprays. Like our usual shampoo, or toner, sunscreen spray, these pump heads are used. Convenient and easy to use.


The cosmetic pump heads for different purposes are classified differently, but they are always easy to use. When choosing, you need to combine your own circumstances.


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