Points during the Operation of the Roll Forming Machine

The operation of the roll forming machine should strictly follow the operating rules, so as to ensure the stable and normal operation of the machine and not to affect the production. The following problems should be noted during the operation.


1. The operators should be trained strictly. They should be familiar with the operation process of the roll forming machine and the fault can be eliminated in time. The operators should be careful, serious, responsible to carry out the operation rules of the roll forming machine.


2. There should be no sundries on the roll forming machine during the operation, so as to prevent the sundries from falling into the rollers due to the vibration and causing damage to the equipment.


3. Before turning on the roll forming machine every time, lubricating oil should be added to each refueling point that needs lubrication.


4. Before the material is put into production, the machine should be turned on idling to check whether the equipment is running normally, and then the material can be put into production.


5. During the production, non-operators are not allowed to approach the equipment, especially for the roll forming machines with high production speed, it may cause harm to personal safety if non-operators get close to the machines. During the production process, operators are not allowed to be near the rotating parts. If the operation or maintenance is needed, the operator must stop the operation first.


6. In the production process, pay attention to the running state of the equipment at any time, and focus on the abnormal sound or vibration to timely find and deal with the problem.


7. Lubricating oil should be added at each refueling point after producing one hour or two.


8. It is necessary to measure the workpiece produced by the roll forming machine every half an hour and check whether the accuracy meets the standard.


9. Operators should not leave the manufacturing post without permission. If they need to leave, be sure to stop the equipment first.


10. Before going off work, the power of the equipment should be turned off and the equipment should be cleaned. The habit of cleaning the equipment before starting it and before going off work everyday should be formed.


11. Strictly implement the system of starting up the machine by specially-assigned personnel, and the responsibility should arrive the specific person, so the problems are easily traced to individuals. Therefore, during the shift turnover, the shift procedures shall be strictly implemented. During the shift turnover, the problems occurring shall be timely recorded, and the shift records of equipment performance and operation status should be made.