Prepare Car Emergency Starting Device In Advance To Facilitate Travel

The colder the weather, the more difficult it is for accidents. Driving in cold weather, the car burst into flames. Introduction of jumper starting experts, the car encountered low temperature in winter, can not start frequently, mainly because the battery at low temperature discharge capacity is weak, engine low temperature starting difficulty, resulting in the vehicle can not start. In this case, you need a multifunctional jumper to save the car from the flames.






Jump up, not afraid of cold, firewood, steam dual start, built-in cigarette lighter, one button start. The product can be stored at 80°C-85°C for a long time. It can successfully ignite a car even at minus 10 degrees Celsius. Strong and durable, 30 consecutive starts. Secondly, gasoline cars with large displacement can be recharged. 3000 times, away from trailer failure.






When you quit the game, your phone suddenly runs out of power, the scene is in urgent need of help, and lost. Small and convenient, easy to carry, can meet your tablet/mobile/digital camera charge, help you solve the lonely journey. Inflation, compass, warning lights and other built-in functions, safety, escort, practical, belongs to the owner of the car travel essential products.






It is worth mentioning that the safety factor of    Linsheng   jump start is full. Product built-in microcomputer intelligent system protection circuit, with over discharge, reverse charge, short circuit, reverse connection, over current five kinds of protection, prevent accidents. If the vehicle is parked for a long time and the battery is used excessively, the emergency starting device can be prepared in advance to ensure the safety and convenience of travel in winter.






As an excellent springboard manufacturer, linsheng has its own laboratory and the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality. Welcome to linsheng to buy jump start.