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Private mode motion sensor solar led flood light 10W 15W 20W

Private mode motion sensor solar led flood light 10W 15W 20W


function TGD-34

MARS LIGHTING is solar street light manufacturer

Name: new ipad solar flood light-10W /15W /20W


Solar panel: polycrystalline 5V/10W ; 5V/15W ; 5V/20W


Battery: 32700 phosphate iron lithion 3.2V/12000mAh ;3.2V/18000mAh ; 3.2V/24000mAh

How to install Private mode motion sensor solar led flood light


1. Press the button switch to turn on the light.

2. Fix the pillar hinge into the wall.

3. Place the screw hole of the light over the pillar hinge.

4. Put the screw through the lamp and twist it into the pillar hinge.

5. The installation is completed.

Light source:


Epistar SMD3030 30PCS,30W single color(5W)


epistar SMD3030 50PCS,50W single color(7W)


epistar SMD3030 50PCS,70W single color(11W)


solar street lighting MARS LIGHTING Lumen: 500LM /800LM /1200LM


CCT : CW(6300-6500K),WW(3000-3200K)


working time: 8–12h


charging time: about 6h


Function: Radar senser,people come, bright;people go,20 seconds later,become dim.


IP Grade: IP65


Material: aluminum+ PC lampshade


lampbody color: black










Cable 4coils cable 1m long, male connector:60cm,female connector: 40cm