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Safeguarding the intellectual property of creators, companies, and organizations is the area of expertise for the respected and competent company InventionIP. We offer excellent patent and trademark drafting services, including searches for patentability, US patents, USPTO patents, provisional patents, utility patents, design patents, and other types of patents.


We’re committed to keeping your information secure, so we offer affordable solutions that fit your needs. Our experts use modern hardware and software to create patent and trademark drawings that meet USPTO standards. You can trust that your ideas are protected with InventionIP.


We offer affordable solutions that meet your needs. Our staff uses hardware and software that meets industry standards. At InventionIP, we take great pleasure in our fantastic customer service, top-notch workmanship, and dedication to offering trustworthy and reasonably priced intellectual property services. Look no further than InventionIP for trusted and affordable intellectual property services. 


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