Prototyping is an experimental process and it is the most effective way for verifying your design. You can find out the issues of your design and validate it so that you can save more time and cost by prototyping. Therefore, before we make production mold, Packson is also able to help you make prototyping by prototype mold and 3D printing for checking your design.


Prototyping We Provide

Packson has more than 10 years of experience in prototype mold. We mainly make prototype mold for Honda. Most of the prototype parts are used in the assembly testing of automotive parts.



Various thermoplastic resins


Injection machine specifications:

98t ~ 1,100t


Mould material:

PXA30(PX-5), NAK80, etc.

Mass-produced products are manufactured with the same materials and processing techniques to meet various tests and evaluations. Using the skills of mass production moulds to propose product shapes. Realize low cost and short delivery time.


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