Provident Botanico: A Detailed Overview

Situated in the quiet and rapidly expanding area of Whitefield, East Bangalore, lies the magnificent luxury housing project known as Provident Botanico. This garden-themed community, which is situated on Soukya Road, gives one a dreamy living environment amidst the wealth of nature. Provident Botanico is a new home project that aims to satisfy the discerning tastes of modern homeowners by combining comfort, style, and sustainable living.


Provident Botanico, which covers a vast 14 acres, is a sanctuary for people who value nature and wide-open spaces. With their imposing architecture, the development’s nine high-rise buildings will reshape the skyline. With lush greenery covering more than 70% of the real estate, this residential complex offers its occupants a peaceful and restorative environment. More than 1100 beautifully built luxury apartments, offering 2 BHK and 3 BHK options, are offered by Provident Botanico. These apartments are available in sizes ranging from 950 square feet to 1500 square feet, to accommodate different needs and tastes. Every apartment is designed to offer plenty of room, ventilation, and natural light to create a peaceful living environment.


Provident Botanico’s garden-themed architecture symbolizes a way of life that is in harmony with the natural world, not just an attractive look. Large amounts of green, open space not only enhance the aesthetics but also encourage a more sustainable and healthful way of life. Residents can unwind in the exquisitely designed gardens or go for morning jogs and leisurely strolls. The project’s careful planning and execution demonstrate its dedication to protecting the environment. 


The nine towers of Provident Botanico, which range in height from eighteen to twenty-four stories, are examples of exceptional modern architecture. Because of the careful attention to detail in their design, the structures are both aesthetically beautiful and structurally sound. The addition of Vaastu-compliant entrances to the North and East improves the living space even more by adhering to conventional building principles that encourage good energy flow. Provident Botanico has an abundance of services and amenities to meet the various demands of its residents. The project has everything needed for a modern lifestyle, including community halls, recreational spaces, and cutting-edge fitness centers and swimming pools. Sports facilities, jogging routes, and children’s play places guarantee that locals of all ages may lead