Provident Botanico: A New Standard in Opulent Living in Whitefield, Bangalore

Located on the calm section of Soukya Road, in the center of Bangalore’s bustling Whitfield sector, sits Provident Botanico. This opulent, modern condominium community is a sanctuary for anyone looking for elegance and tranquility in their surroundings. Provident Botanico is a beautifully designed sanctuary that seamlessly combines modern amenities with verdant, lush surroundings, all to provide a tranquil haven from the bustle of city life. Spanning a vast 14 acres, Provident Botanico is an exquisitely constructed garden-themed haven. Over 70% of the project’s space is devoted to lush open spaces, such as expertly designed gardens, winding pathways for walking, and tranquil rest areas. This verdant sanctuary is the perfect place to live for individuals who enjoy outdoors and those who want to lead healthy lifestyles as it not only offers a visual feast.


Nine imposing high-rise towers at Provident Botanico change the skyline with their stunning architecture. The project has more than 1100 opulent apartments that range in size from 950 square feet to 1500 square feet and are offered in 2 and 3 BHK configurations. Every unit has been carefully planned to provide interiors that are light, bright, and roomy. These homes promise a blend of comfort, functionality, and elegance with their modern designs, superior fittings, and North and East Vaastu-compliant entrances.


The facilities of Provident Botanico are made to meet the many needs of the people who live there, improving their quality of life. Modern clubhouse, opulent pool, fully furnished gym, kid’s play spaces, and multipurpose sports courts are all part of the project. Residents can also take advantage of attractively designed gardens, multipurpose halls, and jogging paths. By making sure that there is something for everyone, these facilities promote a lively and engaged community.


The large green areas and eco-friendly architecture of Provident Botanico demonstrate the company’s dedication to sustainable living. The project’s verdant surroundings and environmentally friendly elements not only improve its aesthetic appeal but also support a more sustainable and healthful way of living. Residents may take advantage of modern comforts and still enjoy the best of nature thanks to this emphasis on green living.

Provident Botanico, which is situated in Whitefield, a one of Bangalore’s most sought-after home neighbourhoods, provides the ideal balance of peace and accessibility. Whitefield is renowned for its excellent infrastructure and easy access to IT hubs, healthcare facilities, schools, and a variety of leisure venues. Because to the project’s proximity to major thoroughfares and transportation that is accessible to them, everyday commuting and meeting lifestyle requirements will be simple and hassle-free. The development is located along Soukya Road.