Provident Botanico: A Paradisiacal Residential Haven in Whitefield, Bengaluru

In Whitefield, Bengaluru, Provident Botanico, a magnificent residential development by Provident Housing, is set to revolutionize luxury living. Stretching across 150 acres, this development with a ‘paradise-of-greens’ motif affords an enchanting and verdant setting that skillfully combines contemporary conveniences alongside the splendor of nature. Provident Botanico, which is an ideal location on Soukya Road, offers an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the busy metropolis, making it the perfect option for those looking for a balanced mix of city amenities and quiet existence.

Nine high-rise towers, all expertly built to offer unmatched luxury and elegance, make up Provident Botanico. These skyscrapers hold 1,100 opulent apartments spread over G + 18 to G + 24 stories. To meet the varied needs of modern families, the units are offered in 2 and 3 BHK formats.

Comfortable 2 BHK: 950–1030 sq ft; priced between INR 85 Lakhs and 98.9 Lakhs Priced between INR 96.9 Lakhs and 1.11 Crores, the 2 BHK Grand spans 1059 to 1088 square feet. 1334–1349 square feet, three-bedroom comfortable home; valued between INR 1.20 and 1.28 crores 3 BHK Grand: priced between INR 1.30 Crores and 1.35 Crores, with 1480 – 1494 square feet

With well-lit, spacious interiors that maximize natural light and ventilation, each apartment is designed to provide the best possible living environment. All units also have North and East Vaastu entrances, which follow conventional design and harmony guidelines.A wide range of first-rate amenities are available in Provident Botanico, raising the living standards of its inhabitants. The community’s social center is a 20,000 square foot magnificent clubhouse with cutting-edge amenities and leisure spaces. The project additionally consists of:

a sizable rock garden spanning about an acre that is home to more than thirty native tree species, encouraging biodiversity and providing a calm haven for locals. More than forty first-rate features, such as a kid’s play area, jogging trails, fitness facility, and beautifully planted gardens. designated areas for wellness activities including yoga, meditation, and other practices that promote a healthy lifestyle. communal areas and multipurpose venues for events and social meetings.

Provident Botanico, which is located in the prosperous Whitefield district, has great access to IT parks, major business hubs, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and entertainment venues. Because to Soukya Road’s prime position, residents may take advantage of the calm residential enclave and still be in close proximity to the rest of the city.