Purva Aerocity: Where luxury living comes with low cost

Located in the energetic area of North Bangalore Chikkajala, Purva Aerocity is quickly becoming known as a model of sustainable and futuristic living. The renowned Provident Group is leading this prelaunch residential project, which is poised to revolutionize urban living with its cutting-edge layout, ideal location, and extensive amenities.


Location Strategy


Purva Aerocity Floor Plan is a very sought-after address due to its excellent position in Chikkajala. Located in Bangalore’s northern region, the area is well-known for its quick development and easy access to the city’s main hubs. Purva Aerocity Master Plan makes it the perfect option for families and workers seeking a balance between a quiet life and a busy metropolis.


Forward-thinking Architecture


Purva Aerocity Amenities design concept was born out of the idea to create a luxurious place that also incorporates smart living features to suit the needs of the contemporary lifestyle. More than 80% of the project’s space is dedicated to open space, which is uncommon in modern urban projects. The design of the 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments, which range in size from 450 to 1300 square feet, also emphasizes spaciousness. Every apartment is designed to make the most use of available space while providing occupants with comfort and solitude.


Contemporary Facilities:


Purva Aerocity is intended to be a self-contained community that takes care of every facet of recreation and living. With more than 40 contemporary amenities, the building aims to improve the quality of life for its occupants. Among them are


Huge Clubhouse: Purva Aerocity’s large clubhouse, along with a variety of recreational and leisure amenities, is located at the center of the city. It functions as the community hub, providing areas for socializing, leisure, and physical fitness.

Rich Landscaping: The development is surrounded by rich vegetation, offering homeowners a clean, peaceful environment and peaceful vistas. Carefully thought out landscaping creates a visually appealing and revitalizing outdoor environment.

Health and Fitness Centers: Among the many amenities provided are comprehensive fitness centers that include sports courts, yoga studios, and gyms. These centers encourage residents to lead healthy lifestyles.

Kids’ Play Areas: Designed with enjoyment and safety in mind, children’s play areas and parks create a family-friendly atmosphere.


Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


A fundamental component of Purva Aerocity is sustainability. To guarantee a minimal impact on the environment, the project integrates sustainable methods and green building concepts. Every little thing, from energy-efficient fixtures to rainwater harvesting systems, is thought out to improve living conditions and lessen carbon footprints.


Prospective Investment


Purchasing a home in Purva Aerocity is an investment in a forward-thinking way of living. This project is a valuable asset because of its strategic position, the potential of North Bangalore in the future, and the promise of Provident Group’s heritage. Furthermore, the affordable prices, which begin at Rs. 70 Lakhs, guarantee that it is a desirable investment for individuals seeking to own a residence in one of Bangalore’s most promising neighborhoods.


In summary


Purva Aerocity is a stride into the future of living places, not just a residential development. It is expected to be a seminal project in North Bangalore because of its innovative design, vast landscape, and contemporary amenities. Purva Aerocity is a special chance for everyone interested in investing or becoming a homeowner to experience a lifestyle tailored for today’s urban dweller.