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PVC Free Foam Sheet

Product Description

Xiaodan pvc foam sheets is a chemically foamed, light weight extruded sheet. With its bright white color and environmentally friendly options for screen and digital printing, cutting, routing, engraving, forming, bending and lamination.

Bright white

Smooth matt surface

Light weight material

Eco friendly

Fire retardant


Direct to print

UV stability in the curing process

Easily fabricated and cut

pvc free foam board

Size: 1220x2440mm,1560x3050mm,2050x3050mm(Other sizes are available to order subject to minimum quantities.)

Thickness: 1mm-5mm

Density: 0.45-1.2g/cm3

Color: White

PVC Free Foam Sheet

Base Polymer Polyvinyl chloride PVC

Smell Odourless

Water Absorption ≤1%

Water Solubility Insoluble

Tensile Strength >10MPa

Elongation at Break <15%

Impact Resistance 8-15kj/㎡

Bending Strength 12-18MPa

Vicat Softening Temperature >70℃

Service Temperature -20℃ to +60℃

Fire Behavior V-0 (pass)

TVOC ND (passed)

Environment Xiaodan PVC is recyclable and complies with RoHs