Refurbished Equipment at Best Prices – Reuse Chile

Reuse is a company dedicated to importing, marketing and distributing reconditioned technology, mainly computers and smartphones at very attractive prices for the consumer, since they are up to 40% cheaper than a new one.

We sell computers and cell phones wholesale to meet the needs of your company. Our Online and physical store dedicated to the marketing and distribution of refurbished Smartphones and Computers. While the accessories are new products. In Reuse, you can find inexpensive alternatives to access high-end technology.

Our products have nothing to envy to a new one. A refurbished product is 30% to 40% cheaper than a new one. In the case of smartphones, they go through a quality control system, PhoneCheck , which evaluates the functionality of the equipment.In turn, the computers are Factory Refurbished ( Refurbished by HP and Dell), who have high quality standards. In addition, you will be  helping the environment by extending the useful life of our products.