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Repair the Non-Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypads

In life, we often encounter silicone rubber keypad products, TV remote controls, industrial remote controls and medical controllers. Products sometimes have non-conducting functions. Niceone-tech customers sometimes ask us whether they can restore their functions through some methods? Of course, some methods can be used to make the buttons continue to be used.


1. Clean the surface of non-conductive silicone rubber keys:


Generally, it can be cleaned by means of eraser, sandpaper, blade and other tools. For some seriously non-conductive silicone keypad surfaces, the blade can be used to cut off part of the surface. However, this method will have a certain impact on the appearance of the silicone products.


2. Repair can be done with smeared conductive silver paste;


In case you don’t know what a conductive silver paste is, this is often used in the production of silicone keypad factories to repair their smudge contacts.


3. Conductive glue;


First, the non-conductive silicone keys need to be cleaned to keep the surface clean, and then the conductive glue is applied to the non-conductive area to achieve the repair.



4. The method of carbon coating to repair can also be used.


Need to repair the button washed again, and then use dry cloth to wipe, make up, make it not conductive surface and use a pencil to daub on the surface. To note here is that pencil is the substances containing carbon element, so use it to repair the conductive silicone buttons, relatively more than the cost of this way is economical.