Requirements for Processing Profiles of the Cold Roll Forming Machine

1. What are the blanks of the processed profiles of cold roll forming machine?


The steel blanks processed by the cold roll forming machine include plain carbon steel plates, high-quality carbon structural steel plates, low-alloy steel plates, stainless steel plates, coated (plated) laminates, etc.


Coated (plated) steel plate includes painted steel plate, PVC coated steel plate, plastic coated steel plate, organosol coated steel plate, propylene-based plastic coated steel plate, vinyl chloride coated steel plate, vinyl plastic coated steel plate, galvanized steel plate, tinned steel plate, chrome-plated steel plate, nickeled steel plate, etc.


2. The blank material of the processed profiles of the cold roll forming machine


The material of the blank depends on the use, shape and specifications of the cold forming sectional uranium. With the development of the processing technology of cold roll forming machine in recent years, high-strength steel plates can be heated locally or as a whole for roll forming and the tensile strength limit of the plates can be greater than 60 kgf/mm2. The roll-type cold roll forming machine, which is generally not heated in the past, requires that the tensile strength limit of the blank is below 60 kgf/mm2.


For the cold forming sectional steel that needs to be welded after it is formed in the cold roll forming machine, no oil is allowed on the surface of the blank during welding, otherwise the welding quality will be affected. For cold forming sectional steel with complex cross-sections, the yield point of the blank is required to be low, and the crystalline structure of the blank should not have free cementite, otherwise cracks and surface pits will occur in the bending part.