Respiratory Humidifier Manufacturer

Introducing Pigeon Medical respiratory humidifier, a combination of modern technology and reliable performance, which designated by adopting heat balance principle, microcomputer control, and heat-sensitive sensor in order to deliver heated and humidified medical gas constantly. The device offers automatic temperature control and over-heat protection with a self-equipped temperature sensor. Together with its real-time digital display, it provides a perfect monitoring environment for respiratory therapists during the clinical application. A comprehensive audible & visual alarm system continuously protects patients against potential or unexpected problems. In addition, owing to the difficulties in the measurement of the heat loss during transport, our model PN-2000FB and PN-2000FC850 supports heat wire function to keep temperature constant and prevent condensation.

Pigeon Medical’s respiratory ventilator and humidifier equipment create an ideal humidification system used for invasive, non Invasive ventilation devices, HFNC, infant resuscitator, NCPAP, infant bubble CPAP, and oxygen therapy for adult, pediatric and neonatal care. We offer many types of humidifiers used in the medical field, typically the hospital-grade O2 humidifier for breathing. Contact us to check the price and the best humidifier for respiratory problems.