Rhinoplasty in India | Rhinoplasty Cost in India

FFS is one of the most complex procedures that aim to make facial features appear more feminine. When transforming facial features from male to female, getting a smaller nose that fits and looks adorable on a feminine face is also important. For that, rhinoplasty or nose shaping surgery is done. The surgery can be performed either by the open technique in which few stitches are made between nostrils or by the closed technique in which all the stitches are made inside the nose that is not visible outside. Any desired shape or size can be given to the nose with this surgery.  Dr. Parag Telang provides the best rhinoplasty in India. He has performed more than 4,000 successful surgeries, including facial surgery, body contouring, ear reconstruction, and breast surgeries. Patients may experience irritation while breathing in heavily polluted or smoked areas; therefore, it is advised to stay inside (or at pollution-free places) until recovered. Pain reducers and antibiotics are prescribed for minimizing discomfort. To know more about procedures and rhinoplasty cost in India, consult today with expert FFS surgeon Dr. Parag.



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