Rhinoplasty in India

The shape of the nose plays a key role in making a face look attractive. It’s quite noticeable that nose shape differs in men and women. So, some women who feel their nose is too bulky and masculine as well as transgender women who are looking to transform their facial features can consider nose feminizing surgery. Rhinoplasty in India, performed by Dr. Parag Telang has helped thousands of patients achieve an ideal nose shape that increases facial harmony. The surgery can fix a very large nose, droopy, upturned, and an enlarged tip. Being a qualified FFS surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang understands the anatomy (structure) as well as the aesthetic needs of feminine face. So, the feminizing rhinoplasty involves rearranging the bone and cartilaginous framework of the nose to deliver the best results. In many cases, along with rhinoplasty, chin surgery is also performed to deliver the best results.