Rock Wool Machine Maintenance and Maintenance Instructions

What should I pay attention to in the maintenance of rock wool production line equipment? Rock wool is widely used, and the requirements for rock wool production equipment are getting higher and higher. Let’s introduce the rock wool machine maintenance instructions to give you a better understanding of this.


Ⅰ. Maintenance and maintenance of rock wool production line centrifuge


If you mention rock wool machine, then you have to mention the centrifuge in rock wool production line. Centrifuge is a machine that can convert lava into rock wool fiber. Daily maintenance and maintenance are more important.


Before starting the centrifuge, you should first cut off the power supply, release the brake, and then gently turn the drum with your hand to observe whether there is a brake bite. Of course, when starting the centrifuge, there must be a special person to operate, and can not overrun, otherwise it will affect the service life of rock wool machine equipment. Secondly, for this kind of rock wool insulation board production equipment, we need to do oil maintenance service every six months, and also check the operation of the bearing to see if there is any damage.


Ⅱ. Clean up the rock wool machine in time after using it


When we have finished using the rock wool machine equipment, we need to clean it in time to keep the centrifuge clean, so that the service life of rock wool machine will be prolonged.


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