• $6,500.00


Morenci turquoise was mined as a by product of the largest copper mine in the United States. The Phelps Dodge copper mine is located in eastern central Arizona near the New Mexico border. This famous turquoise produces a deep blue hue with iron pyrite as a distinctive feature of the finest. The thirty perfectly matched natural gems set in this incredible necklace are among the top 1 percent found at this depleted mine. Today,  gems of this quality are found only in private collections. Navajo jeweler, Sammie Begay has them set in labor intensive ingot sterling silver created completely from scratch. Hand made bezels encircle each of the stones with beautiful deep scallops appearing to the sides. The blossoms are old French “ fleur de lis” designs. This design is the European symbol of the Lilly and was undoubtedly brought to the American Southwest in the early days of Spanish colonization. These blossoms attach to a splendid Naja, created by a master silversmith with decades of experience behind him. The necklace is strung with fine hand made beads. The seamless beads were created separately by master bead maker Margaret Lee. They add timeless elegance and weight to this highly collectible masterpiece.