Sealgood Insulation Gasket Kit SG-G1500A

Sealgood Insulation Gasket Kit compased one piece insulating gasket, each bolt with one sleeve, each nut with one insulating washer and steel washer. Used in two different material pipeline flanges for anti-corrasion and prefects conduction of electricity.


1. The quad ring,a rectangular sealing element, encapsulated in special designed groove, it provide near zero “M”and “Y”factors to make the controlled-pressure seal can always be obtained without tremendous bolt loads.

2. The material such as Nitrile, EPDM, VITON and Telfon can be used as sealing elements, this increase the options for different working conditions.

3. Both retainer and sealing element’s temperature limit should be considered together while choose the material. Refer to chart for sealing gasket temperature range and material compatibilities.

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