Sex toy cleaning and maintenance guide for every sex lover

Using sex toys is fun, isn’t it? But, do you clean and care for them properly as well? Like every good thing, sex toys need to be maintained too (i.e if you want them to stay with you for a long time). Want to know how to do that? Read on. For more info about 여자성인용품 click here.



Do wash them after each use


Right in the beginning, you might lose interest or feel annoyed but this one is absolutely essential. Using dirty women’s adult products (여자성인용품) day after day would only put your health at risk, especially when you combine condoms with them or share them with your partner. Besides, uncleaned toys often become discolored and give off an unpleasant odor.


Keep them dust-free


Realistic and silicone toys often attract hair, lint, and dust which you surely won’t want inside you. So, keep them in a dust-free, clean environment. Nowadays, many love toys are sold with dust bags which helps to keep them clean and good. Use an empty cosmetic-care bag or a bubble wrap pouch if you don’t have one. If most of your toys are battery powered then a suggestion would be to take the batteries out when you aren’t using them. This is another way to extend the life of your favorite pleasure product.


Go for an all-purpose, unscented soap


Not every soap is made equal. Most are crafted out of harsh chemicals. Always go for the ones that are chemical-free, unscented, and labeled as an ‘’all-purpose’’ soap. While household dish soap isn’t meant for sex toy cleaning, antibacterial ones can leave a residue. If you can spend some extra bucks then sex toy cleaners are the best option. They are especially good if most of your toys are rechargeable or battery-powered since water isn’t an option in such a case.


Throw away the old ones


Yes, it can be hard to throw away that good old vibrator or dildo along which you have done so many hot things but if the material is peeling, cracked, torn, or starts smelling in a weird way then it’s time you say adieu to it and get a new, latest version from a globally-recognized Korean online adult store (성인용품점).


Lastly, whenever in doubt, always check the care label of your sex toy!